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Second Opinions on Rheumatological Conditions

Being diagnosed with a rheumatological condition, such as rheumatoid arthritis, can be a very scary thing. Talking to another doctor is imperative because some medical professionals have access to treatments you might not be aware about, or take a more aggressive approach to the condition. Having a second opinion from a rheumatologist can be beneficial for several reasons.
Getting a second opinion can be helpful if:

If you had a condition, such as rheumatoid arthritis, and you have been comfortable with your current rheumatologist for many years, then it is probably not as urgent to obtain a second opinion. However, just because you have been with your rheumatologist for many years, you are not required to stay. Ultimately, the patient has to do what is best for his or her health.

Treatments vary from doctor to doctor, and the effectiveness varies from patient to patient. Obtaining a second opinion ensures the validity of the condition and maximizes the effectiveness of treatment. The last thing a doctor or a patient wants to do is start a treatment that is not helping. It is not uncommon for the first opinion to be completely incorrect. There have been several cases where patients have been diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, but it turned out they have another condition. Imagine what could have happened if they decided to stick with the original diagnosis. They would be spending their own time and money to cure a disease they never had. On top of that, the condition that would be causing their symptoms would remain untouched. It is never a bad idea to obtain a second opinion just to be safe.

As a board certified practicing rheumatologist, Dr. Baker is committed to pinpointing the correct diagnosis and providing each patient with beneficial treatment.

If you need a second opinion to confirm any rheumatological condition or you are simply looking for a first opinion, please contact Dr. Susan Baker to see what kind of treatments are available for your condition. Dr. Baker prides herself on maintaining a long-term relationship with her patients and she would love to help you treat any autoimmune disease you might be experiencing. Call her office to schedule an appointment at (310) 274-7770.

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