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Tomatoes May Be Linked to Gout Flare Ups

Many of those who suffer from gout in Los Angeles have long believed that tomatoes are a dietary trigger for painful flare-ups, despite a notable lack of medical evidence to support the claim. However, a study recently identified that the link between tomatoes and gout is not dissimilar to other foods that cause gout flares – serum urate. Similar to red meat, seafood, sugary drinks, and even beer, tomatoes cause an increase in serum urate, which is a major risk factor for gout. The study, which was conducted by the New Zealand University of Otago, found that among the 12,720 individuals who participated, the majority cited tomatoes as a trigger food. The data also found that eating tomatoes raises the levels of uric acid in the blood to that of other infamous dietary triggers.

Effectively Treating Gout

Gout is a form of inflammatory arthritis in which excessive amounts of uric acid crystallize around certain joints, particularly around the ankle, foot, and big toe, causing pain and swelling. Gout flares or attacks most often occur at night and may last for several days or weeks before dissipating. The symptoms of gout may disappear altogether for a number of months, only to return again.

It is possible to alleviate a gout attack in Los Angeles and prevent another flare up with certain medications, as well as limiting certain foods and maintaining a healthy weight. Gout also affects those who suffer from obesity, diabetes, renal disease, and hypertension.

If you or someone you care about suffers from gout, it is crucial to seek medical attention in order to receive an accurate diagnosis as well as effective gout treatment.

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