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What Everyday Activities Can Prevent Osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis affects hundreds of thousands of people every year. As a bone disease that worsens over time, osteoporosis causes patients to slowly lose bone mass and bone mineral density. Because the bones become weaker, people suffering from the condition are much more likely to experience fractures and various complications that can quickly limit both personal and professional activities.

Suffering from osteoporosis does not mean the end of a fulfilling life. Modern treatments allow for stronger bones and better overall health so that a person can return to the activities they love. However, prevention is the key to staying healthy and happy for years. Knowing what you can do each day to fight osteoporosis will lower your chances of suffering from the condition and improve the effectiveness of treatment if you are one day diagnosed.

Preventing Osteoporosis Each Day

Osteoporosis results from bones slowly weakening over time. As such, taking regular steps to keep bones strong and healthy will help to prevent the condition from taking effect. Most healthcare professionals recommend at least 30 minutes of exercise each day, including weight-bearing exercises. This will force your body to resist gravity and cause muscles to pull on the bone. Doing so increases bone strength and stimulates the cells that create new bone. Additionally, improved flexibility will help you stay safe and prevent major accidents. The human body depends on nutrients to stay strong and healthy, including calcium and vitamin D. If you are not consuming enough of these nutrients each day, your body will break down your bones in order to consume what it needs to survive. Consuming dairy products, calcium-fortifide foods, and supplements will give you the calcium you need each day. Additionally, having enough vitamin D, usually through sun exposure, will help your body better absorb this calcium.

Additionally, it is vital that people avoid the various activities that can directly lead to bone loss. Excessive alcohol consumption, smoking cigarettes, and regularly drinking soda have all been linked to loss in bone density and eventual osteoporosis. Taking part in these activities may be too much, even for people who exercise and consume enough calcium and vitamin D. In addition, women are at a higher likelihood of suffering osteoporosis. Specifically, females who have thin bones and have lower estrogen levels have been shown to have an increased risk of lower bone mass.

Staying aware of your needs, completing regular checkups with a medical professional, and undergoing needed osteoporosis treatment will help you stay on the path to a healthy life year after year.

Skilled Treatment for Osteoporosis in Beverly Hills

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with osteoporosis, or if you believe that you are suffering from the condition, know that there is hope for recovery. Beverly Hills rheumatologist Dr. Susan A. Baker has helped countless patients strengthen their bodies and return to health though long-term plans tailored to each person’s needs. A healthy and enjoyable life is still possible, even when living with a condition like osteoporosis. Call (310) 274-7770 or fill out an online contact form to learn more and schedule and appointment in as little time as possible.

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