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Second Opinions


The initial diagnosis of an autoimmune disease can be frightening, confusing, and overwhelming for many patients. With more than 80 different known conditions, autoimmune disease is very common and can affect anyone. Certain people can be more susceptible than others, and knowing what to look for and how to proceed if symptoms occur, or after an initial diagnosis is important in finding the best treatment plan for each case.

What are Autoimmune Diseases?

Autoimmune diseases occur when a glitch in the immune system causes the body to target and attack healthy cells. Beverly Hills rheumatologist Dr. Susan Baker advises and treats patients for some of the most commonly diagnosed forms of autoimmune disease, including:

Certain people can be more susceptible to some autoimmune diseases, such as women of childbearing age, people with a family history of a condition, people exposed to certain environmental risk factors, and people of certain ethnic backgrounds. An estimated 23.5 million Americans have been diagnosed with some type of autoimmune disease, and some conditions are far more common than others.

Seeking a Second Opinion

What should you do if diagnosed with lupusrheumatoid arthritis, or any form of an autoimmune disease? Even in cases of the most common and widely diagnosed forms of autoimmune disease, every patient and situation is unique. Treatment plans and options will vary from patient to patient and getting an accurate diagnosis and evaluation is the first step.

From individualized arthritis treatment to advanced diagnostic testing for conditions like colitis, Dr. Susan Baker takes a modern approach to classic patient care and disease management. Technological advancements, from enhanced testing and diagnostic capabilities, to Skype consultations, allow Dr. Baker to offer her expertise to a wider range of patients across the country. If you’re in need of a second opinion for a rheumatological diagnosis, please feel free to contact Dr. Baker at your earliest convenience.

Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Rheumatology

Dr. Baker has been a practicing rheumatologist in Beverly Hills since 2003. Her practice is designed to help patients diagnose their condition and then tailor an individual treatment plan. Diagnostic tests are conducted on site and offer patients seeking a second opinion a quick turnaround and response time. This efficiency makes it possible for Dr. Baker to work closely with each patient, taking his or her unique circumstances into account.

After a Diagnosis

When treating patients for rheumatic and autoimmune diseases, Dr. Baker strives to design plans that will offer as much pain relief as possible to allow patients to retain a healthy quality of life. Because of the complexity and wide range of potential autoimmune conditions, Dr. Baker works with a network of other specialists to provide accurate diagnosis and treatment for each patient.

Diagnostic testing and treatment services Dr. Baker offers at her practice include :

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Whether you’re looking for a second opinion to confirm a diagnosis for a rheumatic or autoimmune disease, or would like to explore treatment plans available for your condition, Dr. Susan Baker acts as a long term partner to her patients in Los Angeles and can help to design a plan that is individualized for your unique needs. Call to schedule an appointment today at (310) 274-7770, or you can use the online form.

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