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The Benefits Of Iv Therapy


Infusion therapy is typically used when a patient’s condition cannot be effectively treated using oral medication.


Help from Infusion Services

While infusion therapy is used to treat patients with a wide assortment of chronic and rare diseases, the most commonly treated conditions are:

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The Benefits of IV Therapy

Whether you are dealing with a recent illness or have been fighting a long-term rheumatological condition, IV therapy can play a supportive role in your recovery and daily health. Countless patients have experienced the benefits of IV therapy, helping them become healthy and stay healthy.

The benefits of IV therapy include :

  • Direct Nutrition – The digestive process takes time and often involves a large number of nutrients not being absorbed. By putting nutrients into the bloodstream directly, cells are able to directly absorb what they need at that very moment.
  • Individualized Treatment – Medical research has shown that each vitamin and mineral plays an important part in fighting various conditions and supporting the health of the body. By determining your unique needs, you can receive individualized treatment meant to specifically help you.
  • Higher Nutrient Concentration – Because nutrients are put directly into the bloodstream, your treatment is not limited by the parameters of the digestive system. You can receive a far higher concentration of nutrients that result in more effective treatments.
  • Lack of Side Effects – Taking high doses of vitamins orally can often result in intestinal problems, diarrhea, nausea, and other digestive side effects. IV therapy bypasses all of these unfortunate effects for a worry-free treatment plan.

Dr. Baker can help determine not only what types of IV nutrition therapy you need, but also the exact doses that are required for your individual needs. By doing so, you can find relief from countless symptoms and your body can be given the support it requires to fight back against diseases, infections, and many types of medical conditions. Combined with a wide variety of other treatments offered by Dr. Baker, you can have the support you need to live a healthier life.

What Can Infusion Services be Used to Treat?

An infusion can be used to treat a broad variety of conditions and diseases, ranging from dehydration to cancer and cancer-related pain. Dr. Baker uses infusion primary to treat various rheumatologic conditions and osteoporosis. Common rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis drugs administered through infusion include the following:

  • Actemra – a synthetic protein that treats rheumatoid arthritis by blocking the effects of IL-6
  • Benlysta – a synthetic antibody that treats lupus by targeting B-lymphocyte stimulator proteins
  • Boniva – an osteoporosis drug that helps increase bone density and decrease bone fracture
  • Cytoxan
  • Ivig
  • Krystexxa
  • Orencia – a synthetic protein produced by recombinant DNA technology to combat rheumatoid arthritis
  • Reclast – an osteoporosis drug that helps strengthen bone by inhibiting bone removal
  • Remicade – an antibody used to treat rheumatoid arthritis by blocking the effects of tumor necrosis factor alpha
  • Rituxan – a treatment for rheumatoid arthritis that depletes the number of B-cells and reduces inflammation
  • Simponi Aria
  • Solumedrol
  • Venofer (Iron)
  • Zometa

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do I need to bring when I come for treatment?

A: In general, infusion therapy with Dr. Baker is a quiet, relaxing experience. Our expert staff will help you with everything you need. You might want to bring a book or magazine to entertain yourself while the procedure is taking place. Other than that, the only thing you need is what you would normally bring to any other doctor’s appointment.

Q: Is infusion therapy a safe way to receive treatment?

A: Infusion therapy is a safe and approved method of treatment. Dr. Baker will work with you to make sure it is the right treatment for your condition.

Q: What are the side effects?

A: The side effects of infusion therapy vary depending on the side effects of the specific drug. Dr. Baker will help you fully understand any potential side effects before you undergo treatment.

Q: Why is this procedure a good choice for me?

A: In some cases, such as the osteoporosis treatments Boniva or Reclast, infusion therapy makes it possible to require the drug only once a year. The entire procedure takes only 5-15 minutes, and the drug is administered directly into the bone. This lets the treatment bypass the gastrointestinal tract all together and helps the patient avoid the symptoms associated with pills.

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